ammitra asked: hi this is a question :-) uhm do you help forming a story like suggesting titles? i am currently trying to write a story but i can’t seem to find the right title for it.. :(

Hello! :) Finding the right title can be a hard part of your story. A good place to start might be by referencing quotes, song lyrics or poems that you like that in some way remind you of the book. Books like Of Mice and Men and The Fault in Our Stars both use quotes from other works as their titles. Here are some other ideas:

Obviously people have a lot of different ideas on what makes a “good” title and how to come about it. I would say don’t let people’s standards impact your decision- at least not yet. Try some of these techniques if you like them, and if not, just get some paper and a pen and brainstorm, keeping in mind the characters, setting and events of the book and just write down all your ideas until one clicks!